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Nitro Concepts E250 Gaming Chair Black/Red

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 – Cover made of breathable fabric with intensive colouring
– Comfortable & breathable cold foam padding
– Long durability due to high material thickness
– Ergonomically individually adjustable
– Adjustable 2D armrests


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Incomparable appearance
The Nitro Concepts E250 is a distinctive gaming chair with an unmistakable design thanks to its development in Germany and the influence of current ergonomic research. The dynamic appearance, true to the Nitro Concepts racing genes, is combined with first-class comfort and a breathable microfiber fabric as well as an optimized cold foam padding to create a maximum seating experience.

Details make the difference
As with all Nitro Concepts products, we pay close attention to top craftsmanship and attention to small details in the design of the E250. Careful material selection with a focus on durability and breathability make the E250 a true value for money champion. In addition, each model in the series offers a wide range of adjustment options for individual and ergonomic sitting. These include the rocker mechanism, which ensures relaxation in stressful situations, and the backrest, which can be adjusted and locked at a wide angle

Nitro Concepts E250 features at a glance:
 - Cover made of breathable fabric with intensive colouring
- Comfortable & breathable cold foam padding
- Long durability due to high material thickness
- Ergonomically individually adjustable
- Adjustable 2D armrests
- Adjustable rocker mechanism & backrest
- Quiet 50 mm casters for many surfaces
- Two comfortable cushions included
- Suitable for users up to 120 kg
- Qualified as an office work chair according to DIN EN 1335

Intensive colours as a trademark
All E250 gaming chairs are covered with a radiant breathable fabric cover that is particularly soft and comfortable. In combination with the open-pored cold foam upholstery, the E250 Gaming Chair thus offers a pleasant sitting experience even on warm days. Nevertheless, the deformation-resistant cold foam also ensures excellent ergonomics and pain-free sitting on all other days, even after long periods of use

The stable basic structure of the comfortable gaming chairs
To ensure that not only the extraordinary design of the E250 series can be enjoyed for a long time, the first-class upholstery is based on an extremely sturdy steel frame. The high-quality materials of the comfortable gaming chair prevent anyone from having to deal with squeaking, creaking or rapid wear and tear. The combination of outstanding German engineering skills with high-precision machine manufacturing results in flawless and extremely durable constructions

High recognition value
The Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chairs set impressive accents not only with the rich colours of the fabric cover. The well-known and brand-typical embroidered flame of the Nitro Concepts logo in the head area gives the E250 series that extra something to make it unique. Furthermore, the precise and subtle stitching has the right accent colour

Versatile adjustment options
Once you've sat on the Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chair, you never want to leave it again. This is not only ensured by the feel-good factor of the fresh, colourful design, but also by the numerous ergonomic adjustment options. The chair can be adjusted in height by 10 cm from 43 to 53 cm using the high-quality Class 4 gas pressure spring. The integrated rocker function allows rocking by up to 14 degrees. The E250 series also offers an adjustable backrest and flexible 2D armrests. With such extensive adjustment options, an ergonomic sitting posture is guaranteed! This is also proven by the DIN EN 1335 certification as an office work chair

Strong base
A stable nylon base serves as the basis for the E250 series. The 50 mm castors consist of a hard nylon core and a softer polyurethane cover. This allows them not only to run smoothly, but also to be used on both hard and soft floors. The gaming chair with its stable base and gas spring of class 4 is perfectly equipped for a maximum load of up to 120 kg

Also included: head and lumbar cushions
The Nitro Concepts E250 gaming chair is supplied with a neck and lower back cushion, which are both easy to attach and easy to adjust. The lumbar cushion effectively provides comfort for the spine extended to the neck, especially when sitting for long periods or gaming sessions. The fabric cushion covers can in addition be easily removed at any time and washed at 30°C if necessary